Opinion on abandoning DSLR for System X

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Hoshikomoku wrote:

Dear folks, I had been a long time SLR since its analog days. Thinking of selling the DSLR (5DMK2 and L lens). I'll keep only the Sony NEX and add the Fuji XT-1. My thoughts for the above setup is due to the bulk and weight when travelling.

Been there, done that. I was a long time Canon shooter with several expensive "L" lens I collected over the years. It was kind-of-HARD to let them go, but the TRUTH is that my DSLR gears gave been sitting @home collecting dust ever since I bought myself a mirrorless.

I'm not saying mirrorless is better than DSLR, it isn't.  DSLR still have the performance advantage.  However, I rarely use those advantages:

  • Is it going to kill me if I capture my image fraction of a second later than DSLR.....NO
  • How often do I shoot sports............almost never
  • How often do I shoot people in motion.....rarely, most people pose for photograph anyways
  • How often do I "actually" carrying my big DSLR in a camera bag with 3 lens?....(shameful) I bought a brand new camera bag but it has been sitting prestine @home because I don't enjoying carrying all that bulky gears with me.

So I had a superior camera....sitting @home, with a flawless "L" lens also sitting @home, and a camera bag that never seen the outdoor yet.  What good is a better camera if it just let unused?  What good is a Ferrari if it just sits in a garage?

I had to face "my truth" that I got addicted into GEAR-COLLECTING, and DSLR paved the way.  The funny thing is that I shoot more with my disposable priced mirrorless camera (m43, nex, canon eos-M) than I ever did with my superior DSLR gears.

Unless you're a PRO really need that extra Nth. Degree superiority of DSLR, for most average consumers, any mirrorless camera are more than suffice.

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