Opinion on abandoning DSLR for System X

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Re: Why do you want both the Nex7 and XT1?

Alxy wrote:

Off topic: I wonder if car forums have the same discussions:

My 2 Mercedes stay in the garage gathering dust. I moved onto the Nissan X-Trail, loved the ride, then bought the Qashqai, now added a Juke and I feel I can now drive anywhere with these cars. The Nissan has near Mercedes performance, which is more than enough for my rides. Yes, Nissan has its quirks, but on the other hand Nissan deliver regular maintenance, and a level of support I have found sadly lacking elsewhere.

I owned BMW when I first bought a Toyota. I really thought that I'd use Toyota to commute with the BMW for travel and fun. But, my BMW mostly gathered dust, so I sold it off. I did miss the "speed" of the BMW once in a while, though. However, with the Toyota, I don't miss the BMW at all. That, coupled with alloy wheels and I'm golden.

I dumped all of my Audi’s and went Suzuki. No regrets. What is your reason for holding on the German stuff?

Same here, dumped Audi for Suzuki and couldn't be happier, though I rarely ever did fast moving driving. Better ride quality, smaller, weighs much less, uses less fuel and several other advantages.

The 5D2 as the Audi?  Far too generous

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[[[If I am commenting on your X trans photos, I consider it a shame there are a few users out there who say test charts keep them away from X trans, this then encompasses all photos like these, amazing but true.]]]

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