Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor for Amateur Sports Photography

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Re: Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor for Amateur Sports Photography

OvinceZ wrote:

I've done a couple of fun runs. You really need two cameras with different lenses attached to do these events. One with the 70-200 or similar and another with 16-35 or 24-70.

I agree completely: two bodies with wide and tele mounted will let you get much more variety in your shots for this kind of thing.

Regarding cropped FF vs frame-filled crop sensor (or indeed FF + teleconverter vs cropped sensor with bare lens), you'll get a variety of conflicting opinions over which one wins.  Personally I wouldn't want to call it, because the conditions from one race to another will change, tilting the advantage one way or the other. For example, in some races you may be able to get much closer to the competitors. Don't forget that a compromise option is available in the form of APS-H; you could get a used 1D (mark IV, III or even IIn) that will excel at sports and give you a blend between image quality and "reach". Just a thought.

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