Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: Disapointed in my Df.

Rservello wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

I guess Rservello never actually seen, even less used a proper MF camera, which is why he avoids discussing this major difference and argues for MF as a "solution" in focus issues in bad light.

Yes, that must be it.

Yes, that's exactly it.

Or I have shot film cameras for decades and upon switching to digital, the only thing that really changed is the lack of a focus screen with a prism.

Don't even try... "Decades" means at least twenty years... You are too young for that, you know that and I know that as well, so why continue pretending? There is nothing to be ashamed of the fact that you are born in the digital age and grew up with AF cameras.

Interesting that I have continued to shoot manual focus without a problem. I must be an anomaly.

Well, you shoot for hobby so you do as you wish, and there is NOTHING wrong in admitting that you have NOT shot with manual cameras for decades. As a matter of fact, I also know that you do use MF lenses and that even the avatar you are using on this forum is taken with a manual lens, but a digital camera. What I tried to explain to you is that using MF lenses and using the green dot for focusing aid is really just the same as using the AF, except that you act like an AF motor. It may be fun but it isn't the same. In that mode the camera AF sensors are involved and you will not get the focus confirmation unless the light is good enough, same as using an AF lens.

Manual lenses can be fun to use (I use a few also) but that's all. Manual focusing without the green LED is possible, but is not really a good solution because the bright VF does not have the proper focusing screen, which is necessary for accurate and fast focusing, but even with that, AF is many times faster and more accurate than any manual focusing.

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