Photoninja 1.2.3b vs. Lighroom 5.4

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Re: Photoninja 1.2.3b vs. Lighroom 5.4

afragisk wrote:

1drey, thanks for sending over the photo. And congrats on the nice street shots.

I did notice a color cast when viewed in PN, with its default preset (better be exact!), which I was able to completely remove following Al's suggestion, by turning the color slider all the way to the left - even to the middle was ok though. I also turned the highlight slider in LR all the way to the left. Below is a zoomed in version of the two softwares. To my eyes, PN is still doing a better job here in highlight recovery, even in this "problematic" picture, although by a smaller margin than in my pics. There is a bigger margin in terms of details - which is covered by many other threads.

What is interesting though is that LR does apply a color cast. Below are the processed images in full size.

Finally, below are both images unprocessed, using each software's default settings. The color cast is obvious on both, much more on the PN.

Good job on getting rid of the artificial coloring!

I continued my experiments with 'difficult' files and PN/Adobe converters.

Camera RAW's highlight recovery is not fully trottled, but managed to recover the silhouette of a building in the end of the street while PN totally failed (with recovery strength cranked up and Color recovery settings ion the defaults section set to high)

And  yes, PN has clear advantage in the fine details department.

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