How to calibrate ASUS PA279Q the right way for Adobe RGB?

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How to calibrate ASUS PA279Q the right way for Adobe RGB?

Hi Everyone

I read a bunch of reviews and ended up buying the ASUS PA279Q. I’m now trying to calibrate the monitor, and seek advice on getting the most out of my new investment.

I own a Spyder4Elite but I feel like I’m not utilizing the monitors, as I’m only able to do profiling. I’m seeking “one answer ;)” on what calibration tool or software to use to be able to calibrate the 14bit LUT – and also HOW to do it properly.

This is what I've tried and my thoughts... I hope someone can clear things up for me

1. Monitor in Standard Mode
2. Followed

The end result looked overwhelming, and I felt really god about the monitor covering that much more then Adobe RGB.

Then I went for a screen uniformity test, and I suddenly felt I’ve bought “a cheap monitor”. I afterward found this review confirming my test result:

I went and turned on Uniformity Compensation ON – on the monitor. The brightness was greatly affected, so I went for a ReCAL. I had to double my brightness to obtain 120cd/m2. (To access brightness with uniformity compensation on, you have to turn it off, adjust brightness and turn compensation back on). This greatly improved the screen uniformity – but I’m not overwhelmed.

Is there a better way to obtain proper profiling
I’ve read quite a few posts by Pictus, and I’m now considering to use Argyll + DispcalGUI as he has written a nice guide on here: (Spyder4 additional info:

But I’m unsure if I should adjust my RGB in the service menu, or utilize the six-axis adjustmens on the monitor. Also according to Prad they obtained the best Adobe RGB performance using the Adobe RGB profile:
But by using this, I don’t think I can turn on Uniformity Compensation (I’ll confirm later today).

Pictus also advice on not using the Custom modes:

X-Rite i1 Display Pro
It’s my impression that the only way to calibrate the internal 14bit LUT is with the i1 Pro, but I have no experience in hardware calibration. Should I adjust through service-menu, six-axis or does the software upload the calibration to the monitor LUT?

In other words – should I simply skip my Spyder4Elite and buy the i1 Display Pro?

Quick sum up
How should I go about calibrating my PA279Q
- It seems as I should turn on uniformity compensation
- What profile should I use on the monitor

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PA249Q sRGB calibrations thread:

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