Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: Disapointed in my Df.

Rservello wrote:

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Canadianguy wrote:

Which pro shoots action sports with a Leica?

The M mount doesn't have a lens that is longer than 135mm...plus I think you need a adopter for the rangefinder to focus a 135mm lens.

Plus Olyflyer is correct - look at a VF from a manual focus film camera, then look at a VF from a modern DSLR. It is night and day - one is designed for manual focus, the other is not.

Rservello wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

Rservello wrote:

"Anyone shooting fast-moving sports for a living relies on AF."

Question still stands. As posed.

That question is nonsense.

Your assumption is what it is. I'm not a pro. And I'm guessing you aren't either. We have actual working professionals on this forum (who shot sports before af existed). I would like one of then to chime in and confirm your assertion.

You seem to defend this manual focusing issue like if it was some kind of a solution. It is NOT a solution, it is a generic workaround one has to resort BACK to if AF is not working as expected. For hobby use, manual focus is OK for some people, but I strongly doubt any pro see it as a good solution, especially considering that the view finders are not made for accurate and fast manual focus any more. That's the reason why camera makers develop more and more reliable and faster AF.

Try using this logic in the Leica forum. But no pros use those crappy cameras! Pros only use nikon and canon.

I didn't ever say anyone uses it for sports. Onl that claiming pros rely on af is ridiculous. My original statement was that sports photography existed before af.

Horse carriage existed before cars and while I could use one to take me to work even though it would take a very long time... if my car breaks down I prefer to get it fixed... What do you do?

Haven't we been here already. You know everything. You have already proven that.

And you keep beating a dead horse.

You're right, I'm done having discussion on this forum. I will just say, yes you're right, auto everything is the ONLY way to shoot! I LOVE letting my camera make my decisions for me. As a matter of fact I think I'm going to start using facial detection. And instagram filters!

You really behave like a 14 year old child... so yes, perhaps it is better if you stay away from this forum since it is intended for adults. Nobody is saying ANYTHING about auto everything being the ONLY way to shoot, that's just in your imagination. If you'd not be so self centered you'd understand what we were saying a bit better.

As for "I'm done having discussion on this forum"... well, you haven't really discussed anything regarding this subject, just want others to accept your opinion. I presented the most basic problems everyone is facing when using MF, lack of VF support for proper MF without the aid of AF sensors, but you have not even bothered one single comment line as an answer to that, instead you make a nonsense comment about Leica cameras being MF, missing the fact that they are basically a "very few primes only" type of cameras WITH proper manual focus support in the view finder. So bringing up Leica actually confirmed my statement about the need for a proper view finder to be able to MF. Other than that, I have stated that the AF can easily be overridden if necessary, which you also have nothing to say about. I have also stated that MF can be used as last resort, but it is NOT a solution to AF issues, it is more like a work around. The lack of proper focusing screen is a draw back for manual focus, and if you don't understand that then that's your problem, not mine. Everyone else seem to have understood this very basic problem except you, so declaring more or less that the whole forum is stupid and that you are done discussing just because nobody seems to agree with you is pretty childish reaction and is NOT something called 'discussion' at all.

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