Switching from D7100 to D600 for $140, worth it?

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Re: Switching from D7100 to D600 for $140, worth it?

I have both the D600 and the D7100 and both will do just fine for your type of shooting...

However, since I have both, I would invariably use the D600 for its extra dynamic range (DR) and better higher ISO performance in low light. For example, The D600 ISO noise at 1600 is about the same as ISO 600-800 on the D7100, so you can shoot an extra stop slower for the same results on the D600.

A previous poster is right, FX lenses are expensive... but they are also usually the best and will work fine on any future DX cameras and not the other way round (in most cases).

For mine, the real advantage to you in FX over DX could be in WA and UWA shooting. There are more and better options in shooting wide on FX than DX and this counts especially indoors.

On the other hand, I primarily use my DX D7100 because of its superior 1.5X crop factor reach that, for example, effectively makes my 300mm F4 lens into a 450mm F4 lens!

Good luck with a difficult choice!

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