The D610's Beautiful Sensor

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OP Jack Hogan Veteran Member • Posts: 6,327
Re: The D610's Beautiful Sensor

rhlpetrus wrote:

Indeed, excellent sensor/ADC system. May I ask you to do one thing: how about a quick side-by-side table D610 vs Df, that would be very useful to those deciding on which to buy.

Here is the Df. ISO1600 looks like an outlier (as does ISO50, but that's more normal). There is also a sizable discrepancy between Hsat/Ssat measurements and saturation/clipping (see comp.diff column) which makes me feel less comfortable with these figures. Could be operator error, or perhaps it's just the camera. Very nice, but not as 'beautiful'

Figures of merit for Df's sensor, extrapolated from DxOmark's Full SNR curves

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