X-E1 Viewfinder and First Impressions

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Re: X-E1 Viewfinder and First Impressions

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I have a X-E1 for about a week right now that I'm evaluating. I have both the 18-55 and 55-200 lenses. It seems OK. But the viewfinder is beyond bad. I mean, you can't read the text on the screen or anything. Looking through it is like trying to look at Mt Rushmore with reading glasses. I mean, it's awful. Perhaps it's just defective? Or maybe there's some setting I'm missing?

Of course, you have adjusted the diopter wheel (left side of viewfinder) to your eyesight? If so and you can't read the text on the display clearly, then the camera may indeed be faulty. With the diopter correctly adjusted everything should be clear in the viewfinder.

John W.

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Problem solved. You are 100% right. Thank-you everyone for being so kind to me in helping find the problem.

No offense but you sounded like you never used diopter or did not know the function of it or you were not aware of the exist of diopter wheel? read user manual should be the first thing to do when you pick up any camera. I could guess what you missed when I read your post. Guess you are an new upgrader from small size digital cameras. Now enjoy the XE1, it is capable to produce extremely beautiful outputs. Have fun. Welcome to the Fuji-X family.

No offense taken at all.  You are 100% right.  I am an amateur and novice in every sense of the words.  It's good for me to force myself to admit that.  Appreciate the assist.  Very good point.  I had poked around in the manual, but I should have read it end to end before asking anything.

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