Resolution, pixel density and lenses: D800 vs. D610

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Re: Resolution, pixel density and lenses: D800 vs. D610

danielbw wrote:

Janoch wrote:

You already know, what you want.

Go get one. Then go out, make the wonderful pictures and forget the rest!

And I'm dead serious. There's to much nonsense floating around...

I fully understand your point. Disgracefully, I still want to make sure I understand some of these things better in order to make an informed decision. Or at least a better informed decision.

Yes, of course. We all are/were there!

I just had the feeling, that you tried to persuade yourself with good reasons *not* to get the D800, despite you are fully aware, that that is the camera, you *really* want!

You can't really compare the two, and if you do get the D600/610, you will always be "nagged" by the thought, that you should have gotten the other one.

So therefore I repeat, go get the D800 and be done "once and for all". There are some very fine second hand samples floating around....

But you can't really go wrong, whatever you end up choosing. Just a warning not to get too tangled up in numbers and graphs. Both cameras will deliver wonderful pictures, so here's hope, your decision time is about to end, and you can begin a peaceful journey!

Happy hunting and best wishes!

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