Resolution, pixel density and lenses: D800 vs. D610

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Re: Resolution, pixel density and lenses: D800 vs. D610

j_photo wrote:

Daniel, my guess is the D600/D610 owners are going to tell you to get the D610 (they "don't need 36mp") and the D800 owners--myself included--are going to argue for the D800 (we "love that extra resolution"). I think that is one way of saying you really can't go wrong.

For me, your preference for the D800 ergonomics and more generous focus array is more important to shooting satisfaction and day-to-day enjoyment of the camera than anything that can be learned from a DXO chart. But that's just me. Maybe for you the balance is different.

Good luck. I'm sorry, it's hard not to chuckle just a bit. Such problems...


(really, just get the D800 and be happy!)

I'm chuckling too. More than a bit.

But seriously... Some people try to help according to the poster's doubts and needs, not to their personal likings. And there are people who have both cameras or have at least used both. That's one of the reasons I like DPR.

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