Resolution, pixel density and lenses: D800 vs. D610

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Re: Resolution, pixel density and lenses: D800 vs. D610

Hugo First wrote:

my advice is, follow your gut. the people here can give you all the standard reasons why one or the other is right form them, but for the most part that doesn't help you a bit.

from a practical standpoint, either camera can take excellent photographs -- in the right hands, and with good lenses. either way you decide, i would just start shooting tune out the noise.

i shoot primarily a D800 and a Df (which so many people will tell you is basically a D600 in a three-piece suit). in my mind, what primarily distinguishes the two is the level of direct controls you have at your fingertips, without menu diving.

in addition, for stability and related issues, some people prefer the heftier "pro"-level bodies, while others see the smaller, lighter models as more advantageous for what they do.

the one that fits your needs better in these regards is the one you should purchase.

while for others the size of the D800 photos seems to be a problem, for me that extra resolultion and detail is something i value highly. while you might not fully utilize it every time, storage is cheap, computers are fast, and if you ever need that additional data, you always have it. i can't tell you how many times i wished my Df files had that extra resolution. but you can't get everything in one package!

when i started reading your post, i immediately thought to myself that you sounded like a good candidate for a D800 -- just by the way you described the role photography plays in your life. if you go that way, i seriously doubt you'll regret it.

Hy Hugo,

Thanks for your advice. The problem is I have such a disastrous track record of following my gut that I'm trying to do some weighing for a change.

I also love to reduce menu diving as much as possible. And that is why I'm concerned with whatever is the procedure to overcome the lack of AF-ON on the D610.


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