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bjzwaan wrote:

mr moonlight wrote:

Joe Brush wrote:

You can remove the lens ring easily by using the metal lens cap that comes with the camera. It has a soft, grippy surface on the inside.

Regards, Joe.

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This is a good way to do it. The main thing is to not grip the side of the ring as that just compresses it, making it harder to turn. Sometimes a lighter touch actually works better.

I did it! indeed not much force, and all of a sudden it turned, yeah1

A weird system I must say, but reviews said that the x100 had its quirks

That is not a quirk. It was designed that way. It could not be easier.

Anyway, another thing that surprised me is that with the adapter ring and the protection filter on that came with the black LE version, the half case just barely can be put over the lens front. How are other X100 owners use their half cases?

I put those on, took them off and put them back in the box. Never have used the hood. Probably never will.  I have not had a picture ruined by lack of hood. If the case fit with the hood, I might use it just because it is there.

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