Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor for Amateur Sports Photography

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Re: Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor for Amateur Sports Photography

Edward NJ wrote:

To make the story short, I was wondering how much are you gaining in image quality if you have to crop your images to compensate for the ‘wider’ angle in a full frame? Is it worth it if am losing some resolution?

I know that ultimately full frame is the way to go but I really like my 70-200 2.8 IS II, I feel that I will lose some reach switching to a full frame, and like I said I do not make money with my photography so a 300mm or 400mm prime are not an option.

Two benefits of full frame for sports are excellent high ISO image quality (for indoor sports) and superior AF. I'm thinking about cameras like the 1DX, 5D3, 1D4.

If you need such a camera it will have a wider fov compared to your t4i. If you put a 200mm lens on a 5D3 (22mp), it's image would need to be cropped down to 8.6mp to provide the same fov the lens would on the t4i (18mp). Now 8.6mp still gives a pretty decent image quality, but it could be a problem if making large prints.

I don't believe it makes much sense to buy an expensive FF camera and then have to do heavy cropping. Along with the FF camera you'd most likely want a longer lens like the 300 or 400. And that means more money to spend.

For outdoor sports photography you do, upgrading to the 7D for its improved AF would be better than spending a boat load of money for FF.

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