Close to ordering XT-1 but....

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Re: Close to ordering XT-1 but....

Ollie 2 wrote:

SayKeys wrote:

Fuji forum version:

So it is going to be either Fuji or Sony a6000. I spent good 30min with both cameras at the shop today. Things that are making me bit shaky are....

1) People posting tiny photos here praising how wonderful Fuji XT-1 plus lens combination is. Lot of these photos are absolutely shyte in my opinion and I take better with my smart phone and ancient Nikon DSLR.

I hope it is just a case of people with more money that photographic sense or pure trolls.

2) AF seems much better than XE-1 but there seems to be bit of a pause or blackout between shots. I find that slightly irritating. I know people say the Fuji slows you down and makes you think about the composition bla bla bla but sorry that decision should be up to me and not the camera.

I should decide when I take slow well thought out pictures and when the machine gun approach.

3) My heart loves the camera controls and Fuji the company but not sure if I want to pony up my hard earned $$$ on an iffy AF system in 2014. Why Fuji can't get with it when it comes to AF? I must say that there was not a huge difference between XT-1 and a6000 AF.

I think I will definitely miss DSLR AF though.

P.S- Any good XT-1 photos/photographers that you have bookmarked that I could check out?

P.S-2- When will XT-1 review be up?

P.S-3- Lenses seem HOT

Ok end of thinking out loud and thanks for listening.

Find me a forum where the majority of posted pics aren't essentially uninspired or simply lousy.

I suggest you go to (say) 500px and type Fujifilm into the search engine.

You'll see some pretty good shots...and a few of them are mine.

So what are people like you and the OP doing slumming it with us plebs who can't take good photographs?

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