Carl Zeiss on X-E1

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Re: Carl Zeiss on X-E1

no focus wrote:

Hi there,

I've sold my 5d and now looking for something more compact. Thinking about some fuji's.

I red that there are adapters for the X-E1. Is it also possible to mount my older contax/zeiss lenses? And what would work or not. I guess the 28mm will become like a 45?!

Before I buy a body I would like to know if I can use my lenses..

Cheers, Martin (Netherlands)

28 will become a 42 ... Canon uses 1.6 extension on their APS-C whereas Fuji like old Nikon use 1.5 ...

You can use almost all lenses with some sort of mount that is reasoably common, excluding some enlanger formats and mid-format lenses like Plaubel Rodenstock and the likes, but Hasselblad, Nikon, M42, Canon, Minolta, Leica etc

No worries ...

Good luck!


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