Photoninja 1.2.3b vs. Lighroom 5.4

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Re: Photoninja 1.2.3b vs. Lighroom 5.4

Sure but it turns out I'm not miles ahead by what you suggested. Also, that wasn't my point at all. My point was to show the straight RAW conversion, without any tweaks. I think the images speak for themselves as to who is doing a (much) better job there, nowhere did I mention PN is better or worse in my original post.

You aren't showing straight raw conversion without any tweaks (whatever that is).  You are only showing that you prefer presets with an automated process.  This does not show that PN recovers highlights better than LR.

As I already mentioned, I agree that a comparison might not be useful (and at no point misleading) for the pro that has spent a significant amount of training & time editing pics in Lightroom. But for me and I'm sure many others, I believe it shows that you can get a (much) better pic right out of the box, at least in terms of highlight recovery - which consenquently affects contrast and other attributes. That's all!

Certainly and as I said in the previous post, if you are just trying to make the point that you like PN's presets and automated process then great.   But you aren't showing "straight raw conversion without any tweaks" and you aren't showing PN's ability to recover highlights better than LR.

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