The D610's Beautiful Sensor

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Re: The D610's Beautiful Sensor

Jack Hogan wrote:

Compared to many others I have seen it is beautiful because of how consistent it is throughout the ISO range: consistent effective QE, consistently low PRNU, consistent relative gain. That means outstanding manufacturing quality control. With about 75k clipping and 5.7e- read noise at base ISO it has fantastic DR and noise performance.

Great to know, thanks for sharing.

I also think Nikon weakened (or dropped) the AA in one direction. And unlike its Sony cousins it looks like it didn't sacrifice the linear ADC ramp to the alter of faster readout, getting a true 14-bit output.

If one shoots raw, knows what they are doing and does not mind adjusting brightness during conversion it also looks like there is very little benefit in raising ISO much beyond 400

So it's ISOless from ISO400; ie better to use ISO400 & underexpose (vs raising ISO) for preserving highlights & DR, right?

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