X-E1 vs X-M1 for novice

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Re: It's the finder

dmaclau wrote:

Each camera is quite good. The difference in the "old" vs new sensor is insignificant. The X-E1 has a viewfinder, the X-M1 a tilting LCD but no viewfinder.

I have an X-100 and an X-M1. I enjoy the tilting LCD for close to the ground shots. I don't have to get down on the ground, (I'm 70). Although that's a real convenience...I seriously think I would change it for a viewfinder and take my chances getting back up.

Each camera will be good for you. They each will be easy to learn and to use. I believe that the X-E1 has more features.

I bought the X-M1 to use with one specific lens and I was looking for small size and small price.

I live in a rural, rather isolated community in South Dakota, so have never had the chance to see up close, let alone handle, any of the X-series cameras other than the X-M1, which I researched online and then mailordered. So I'm not in a position to make comparisons about the handling characteristics of the two cameras.

There's one thing I need to point out, however. Too often the X-M1/-A1 cameras are dismissed out of hand, or relegated to the status of severely handicapped backup bodies, by dint of the fact that Fuji designed both as viewfinderless bodies.

Yes, it's true there exists no option for a clip-on accessory EVF you can mount atop Fuji's two lowest-end interchangeable lens X-cameras. But that doesn't' mean there isn't a quite feasible workaround for eye level shooting.

Before choosing the X-E1 over the X-M1, you should at least consider the Clearviewer accessory viewfinder. For my money, the CV offers multiple advantages over other accessories such as shoe-mounted optical viewfinders or tube-shaped optical loupes that must be held over the LCD or clipped into place via a metal frame.

While I'll be the first to concede the CV doesn't hold the answer for everyone, nor does it claim to perform all the functions of a proper EVF, this low-tech, relatively low cost accessory does make it quite easy to use the X-M1 for eye level shooting, normally a daunting task for a viewfinderless body WRT to telephoto and telephoto zooms, and especially MF legacy lenses.

I won't attempt to include here any detailed arguments in favor of the CV, except to say that the accessory is almost permanently attached, via the tripod socket, to my X-M1, and that it has enormously increased the overall versatility of that camera, as far as I'm concerned.

Anyone seeking further information should consult the CV Website <clearviewer.com>

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