Live view on D600 worthless?

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Re: Live view on D600 worthless?

Everyone should take a deep breath and say 100 times - no camera or car or refrigerator will have all the bells, whistles and features that I want.  For my money the feature creep in the current crop of DSLRs has resulted in cameras that are too big, too heavy, requite too much power which means bigger batteries which also adds to the weight for features that are rarely used.  If I want to focus on the ground glass, I take my view camera.

If I want video, I take my wife's video camera or better tell her to go take it.  I've only turned live view on in my D800E so I could fine tune my lenses.  I've never used it shooting and don't see anything that I will.  Video - wasted on me but I still have to deal with the extra weight and size of the camera.  The DF eliminated video - smaller camera.  If Nikon would put an D800E sensor in - my D800E would be up for sale and I would have the new Df.  But you don't here me whining, gnashing my teeth or moaning.

As far as car - I want one that will do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds top out at 165 MPH but get 50 mpg doing it.

Yea - dream on.

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