Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: Disapointed in my Df.

Rservello wrote:

Canadianguy wrote:

Which pro shoots action sports with a Leica?

The M mount doesn't have a lens that is longer than 135mm...plus I think you need a adopter for the rangefinder to focus a 135mm lens.

Plus Olyflyer is correct - look at a VF from a manual focus film camera, then look at a VF from a modern DSLR. It is night and day - one is designed for manual focus, the other is not.

Rservello wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

Rservello wrote:

"Anyone shooting fast-moving sports for a living relies on AF."

Question still stands. As posed.

That question is nonsense.

Your assumption is what it is. I'm not a pro. And I'm guessing you aren't either. We have actual working professionals on this forum (who shot sports before af existed). I would like one of then to chime in and confirm your assertion.

You seem to defend this manual focusing issue like if it was some kind of a solution. It is NOT a solution, it is a generic workaround one has to resort BACK to if AF is not working as expected. For hobby use, manual focus is OK for some people, but I strongly doubt any pro see it as a good solution, especially considering that the view finders are not made for accurate and fast manual focus any more. That's the reason why camera makers develop more and more reliable and faster AF.

Try using this logic in the Leica forum. But no pros use those crappy cameras! Pros only use nikon and canon.

I didn't ever say anyone uses it for sports. Onl that claiming pros rely on af is ridiculous. My original statement was that sports photography existed before af.

Horse carriage existed before cars and while I could use one to take me to work even though it would take a very long time... if my car breaks down I prefer to get it fixed... What do you do?

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