Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: Disapointed in my Df.

Canadianguy wrote:

Which pro shoots action sports with a Leica?

The M mount doesn't have a lens that is longer than 135mm...plus I think you need a adopter for the rangefinder to focus a 135mm lens.

Of course. The parallax is huge with a 135mm lens on that camera.

Plus Olyflyer is correct - look at a VF from a manual focus film camera, then look at a VF from a modern DSLR. It is night and day - one is designed for manual focus, the other is not.

Exactly. ...but for some reason, he refuses to discuss the view finder and ALWAYS avoids commenting on that. Even the Leica is made with a proper VF for manual focus, not just a tunnel VF like an Instamatic, so of course, accurate manual focus is possible with it, just not as fast as AF would be and accuracy may also be a bit lacking, so it is pretty useless for fast action with today's norms and standards.

I guess Rservello never actually seen, even less used a proper MF camera, which is why he avoids discussing this major difference and argues for MF as a "solution" in focus issues in bad light.

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