Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: Disapointed in my Df.

Rservello wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

Rservello wrote:

"Anyone shooting fast-moving sports for a living relies on AF."

Question still stands. As posed.

That question is nonsense.

Your assumption is what it is. I'm not a pro. And I'm guessing you aren't either. We have actual working professionals on this forum (who shot sports before af existed). I would like one of then to chime in and confirm your assertion.

You seem to defend this manual focusing issue like if it was some kind of a solution. It is NOT a solution, it is a generic workaround one has to resort BACK to if AF is not working as expected. For hobby use, manual focus is OK for some people, but I strongly doubt any pro see it as a good solution, especially considering that the view finders are not made for accurate and fast manual focus any more. That's the reason why camera makers develop more and more reliable and faster AF.

Try using this logic in the Leica forum.

Yes, I know, and the lack of AF explains why there are so many badly focused images out of those cameras. But hey, you are not allowed not to like Leica cameras, so you must call every out of focused or badly exposed picture "art" as long as it comes from a Leica. Each one of their users call themselves "artists", but in my opinion, most are only spoiled wannabees with too much money to spend. Just because you buy a Leica you are not automatically becoming HCB, Capa or Man Ray... I would NEVER try to convince a Leica fanboy about the advantages of auto focus, long focal lengths or zooms, not to mention live view, pentaprism VF without parallax, or any other evolution in history.

But no pros use those crappy cameras! Pros only use nikon and canon.

Right. Leica missed the evolution and rides on the wave of rich enthusiasts/hobby photographers. Good luck for them, but personally I don't care about the Leica.

Of course, they are free to love their brand, I couldn't care less, but nobody would even think about using those cameras for any action, which I believe was your question related to. I will rephrase your question...

Anyone shooting fast-moving sports for a living relies on a Leica?

Do you honestly believe that?

Also, please TRY to understand a major difference between cameras of the past (including current Leica cameras) and today's more modern digital cameras... The key difference is in the VF. ALL cameras had some kind of focus aid built into the VF or the VF screen. Try to understand that modern digital cameras don't have focusing screens and the bright view finder makes manual focusing inaccurate. Of course, in Nikon cameras you can use the focus indicator dot and the arrows, but using those is the same as using the AF, with the exception that you act like an AF motor, you drive the lens. You keep on parroting about manual focus as if it was some kind of modern invention or a solution to a problem, but it is the opposite, auto focus is the solution to the problems of manual focus. Perhaps it is your age, you are too young and never actually used a film camera regularly which is why you now see it as something came from heaven when you talk about manual focus, but all that is just nonsense. AF has been invented and implemented to aid fast and accurate focusing and it works pretty well... in case you didn't know...

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