I just picked up my Sony A6000 - In stock everywhere?

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Re: I just picked up my Sony A6000 - In stock everywhere?

beancounterbeth wrote:

Also, is the kit lens good enough?

Thanks in advance.

Beth, I can't speak directly to the A6000 as mine hasn't arrived yet, but I've used the exact same kit lens on the very similar forerunner to the A6000, the NEX-6. Based on this I would say, yes, the kit lens is probably good enough for your uses. Based on what you've said, you prefer auto modes and I'm guessing that likely means you also shoot in jpeg. The kit lens is fairly decent in both these cases. It's not stellar, but it's pretty good, very versatile, and small when retracted.

I think the lens isn't as great when you shoot in full manual mode because of the variable aperture. The distortion at the wide end is also significant when you shoot RAW, but the if you're doing jpegs the camera fixes this in camera. Hope this helps.

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