Trying to decide between DF and D610, IQ differences

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Re: Trying to decide between DF and D610, IQ differences

Luke Kaven wrote:

On my D800, if I shoot at ISO12800 at 1/80th, there is a bluish-magenta cast over the frame with local hotspots. You can't color balance this out. If I've been using live view, the effects are even more severe.

Everything below that is a matter of degree. At base ISO, it's negligible. I'd say up to ISO 1600 is pretty safe at handheld shutter speeds, and even a bit beyond.

Luke, what happens if you stop at ISO1600 (exposure at 1/80th as you would have it) and compensate for the lower brightness during conversion?  Any ISO past 1600 is done digitally in-camera by the D800/D610 anyways, so unless you need a bright image SOC you might as well see if that gets rid of the cast.


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