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Top Secret Blown

John P Roskos wrote:


Someone in Ohio is working on a secret weapon, code name MAATV*, which at a mere cost of $10m per unit, plus $2m per year in maintenance and upgrade costs, could act as a powerful block to any advance of the Kaiser's forces towards Paris.  Each comes equipped with a $50k comode (modeled on an inverted helmet) and a $100k EVF that can pivot 360 degrees and offers superlative 640x480 resolution.  Infra-red sensors can detect homes, vehicles, people, or birds and rodents, which, whether friend or foe, can then be obliterated with neutron ammo at the press of a button.

We mustn't led Wilhem II, Ludendorff, or Hindenburg learn of the developments.

Precursor devices have amply demonstrated their worth in Central Asia, where armored patrols have roared across vast expanses without any mishaps, other than mechanical breakdowns, or ever finding a Taliban army or Mullah Omar either.  These prime assets require only 24 hour guard and safe 2km perimeters to prevent loss by sabotage or RPG attack.  The machines can survive IED detonations, even if the crew sustains brain damage.

Heaven forbid that anyone see a photo of the secret objects pending shipment to the foreign client, whose affiliated consultants, intermediaries, and agency officials have all been compensated in an altogether transparent and cost-efficient way.

Chances are, the journalists saw no "manufactures" at all, but management would not want any ugly publicity about waste disposal, building code violations, or inefficient use of taxpayer dollars.

*mobile armored artillery track vehicle (aka "tank")

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