Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: Disapointed in my Df.

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I didn't ever say anyone uses it for sports. Onl that claiming pros rely on af is ridiculous. My original statement was that sports photography existed before af.

I think the point that people are trying to make is that manual focus is a backup to AF in today's cameras. Not a primary method of acquiring focus for sports photography.

This is the reason that Nikon lost the pro market in the 90s - they believed that the "real pros" would never rely totally on AF - so what if their AF was slower than Canon's system - the "real pros" used manual focus - right? History tells us Nikon was wrong and Canon became the market leader.

Just like ocean navigation existed before GPS, people only use a Sextant if their GPS isn't working properly or as a backup method if they have lost all power.

Regarding the OP - I am surprised that he is disappointed that the DF AF doesn't work as well as the D800 - the D800 AF is rated for lower light than the DF - hence it shouldn't be a surprise that the D800 can acquire focus better than the DF in low light situations.

Regarding the OP, I would bet the issue was with the Tamron/DF combo.

Tamron/Df combo doesn't have a problem with indoor grammar school basketball.

I've used 3rd party lenses that worked fine on one body but on another, and different variations of the same lens performing differently on the same camera.  I'm not bagging on Tamron, and have owned several Tamrons and Sigmas...it's just a fact.  Google Tamron Focus issues...

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