Nikon P8000 vs Canon G1X

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Re: After reading Canon talk, P8000

Raist3d wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

I don't care if the G1X Mark (or mk) II (or 2) is better.

After a week of reading the Canon Powershot forum, I am ready to go bonkers. They have a real talent for taking an unimportant issue and driving it into the ground.

I humbly suggest you choose a camera based on something else than people in a dpreview forum that own it

I'm not sure I agree with your premise.  Assuming that you mean I shouldn't base my decision to buy "said camera" on a person's advice who already owns the camera? On the contrary I would base my decision on "professional reviews" such as dpreview's, etal, as well as individual owners who have used the camera and can report on its strong points as well as its weaknesses.

To be sure there are those owners who buy a camera and expect it to be the answer to their photo dreams, but who are totally befuddled by how to use it properly with all the features it has. But they are easy enough to pick out. It's just that they are so vocal with their disappointments. "Disappointment" being their by-word.

I generally stay on the Canon Forum because those are the cameras I have the most of. But I am interested in the Nikon P8000 and its expected announcement. (although I'm beginning to suspect it won't be anytime soon)

As for CAcreeks going "bonkers" on the Canon Forum? I certainly sympathize! It seems to draw the most "fanboys", "trolls", and "nay-sayers" of any of the Forums here on dpreview. Before a newly announced camera even gets into the first owner's hands it is denounced as a failure. I would say, on the Canon Forum at least, I've never encountered so many unhappy people. I haven't found that to be the case on the Nikon Forum to the extent it is on the Canon Forum. I guess that's so because the "big dog" always gets the most attention.

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