Overall a Good Choice for a Novice

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MoinMubarak New Member • Posts: 1
Overall a Good Choice for a Novice

I bought this camera in June last year. Since then I have been using it extensively. Here are a few few things I liked and didn´t like about the camera.

1. ZOOM. This is most probably the best feature available in this camera. The 42X lets you get really close to the subject. Yea it does have some little focus limitations but overall its really good.
2. Tilt-able display. You can click any angle using it. It even makes selfies so much fun(I usually use my tripod for that)
3. Zoom Speed: It lets you get really close really fast although in video mode its comparitively slow but thats for a good reason.
4. Manual Settings. Although it doesn´t give you as many options as a pro DSLR but its as good as the entry level ones. Personally I chose it over them. Not because of my budget constraint but considering its qualities.

Some CONS:
1. Small Sensor: Daylight pics are quite good; even in full zoom mode but when it comes to shooting in dim light or flourescent bulb, it´s a bit of a disappointment.
2. Unrealistic exposure in dim light. In dim light it automatically enhances the exposure and hence brightens the photo. It can really be a turn off some times.
3. Battery backup. Although under full battery it can last for a day of clicking but still it has a shortcoming there when compared to other bridge cameras.
4. Focus speed. It takes a bit time to focus automatically(In dim light mostly). In some situations that can be really annoying.
5. It takes a little time to get adjusted to clicking in dimly lit scenes but once you do, it can really make you get clicking on and on.
6. Poor image quality: Even though set on FINE and 18MP, it fails to give an extra crispy image, especially when cropped. Even a 2x crop can ruin the image quality.

Overall. Its a nice camera. For someone who is just learning to shoot with manual controls, it really is a good device. I mostly get time to shoot in the evening time so that is why i have so many problems with the low light sensitivity. If you are a day time photographer and want to capture natures beauty, it really stands up to that.

If you are starting with photography and want a beginners device, this is it. More options that an entry level DSLR (with a little compromise on image quality). Just the low light issue will bother you; rest it will amaze you every time.

Go clicking

Nikon Coolpix P520
18 megapixels • 3.2 screen • 24 – 1000 mm (41.7×)
Announced: Jan 29, 2013
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