Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: OP is comparing TAMRON vs NIKON lens

brianric wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

The biggest problem isn't the limited coverage of the focus system - it's its effectiveness in low light. Although rated down to -1EV, the performance of the Df's focus drops off significantly at even moderate indoor lighting levels. Even at an illumination level of around 4.5EV, we've found the camera has to 'hunt' to find focus, and the only reliable way of getting a shot was to use the central focus point to focus-and-recompose from a high-contrast point.

As many owners have pointed out, this is utter nonsense. In indoor low light conditions I can detect virtually no difference between the D800 and DF focus speed and accuracy.

I have posted VERY low light tests on low contrast subjects lit by a single bulb. I really had to work to find the AF limits of both cameras.

HOWEVER, do re-read what DPreview is saying. They're not comparing the central points of both cameras. They're comparing the SPREAD of points and that is indeed where the Df lags. Using the central point on the Df provides excellent results.

Not from my experience last Friday night. AF-C, single point, center point, AF priority set to focus. Only when I set the Df to AF-S to get the red AF illuminator from the flash to light did it focus lock.

Okay, but none of us (except you) know what the lighting was actually like or how your camera/lens combo is operating.

There are some lighting situations that effect my D800' AF and auto WB in a nasty way. My Df seems more immune to these issues, but that does not mean it's always better.

With that said, if I own a Df and D800 (which I do), and I'm shooting low light action, it stands to reason that I'd choose the D800. Rarely do I grab the D800 anymore, but I might for what you were shooting. Hard to say without seeing the venue.

Using a pair of 50mm 1.8G lenses, it was simple to learn that the Df and D800 were nearly identical for AF using centerpoint. Perhaps I would have different results with your Tamron lens.

There are a lot of variables here.


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