G1X Mark II compared to Sony RX100M2 - Initial Impressions

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Re: G1X Mark II compared to Sony RX100M2 - Initial Impressions

S3ISOR wrote:

I'm at work at the moment, and don't have anything great to photo. (And I'm not a photo pro at all)

But here is a silly macro shot taken with both cameras of a LEGO figure on my desk, about 5cm away. The settings were ISO 6400, Evaluative Metering, AWB, F4.0, Av. IS was turned off, as the cameras were sat on the desk.



I know this is a poor example of the cameras skills (I'm at work at my desk with not much to photo)

I'll try to take some better photos on my lunch break, when I get out and about in the city. Thanks.

I think these are good comparison photos.  I can tell a difference between the two.  As it should be, the Canon has less depth of field (larger sensor).  I'm assuming these were jpegs since you did this at work.  The Sony file looks cleaner.  Looks like the typical Canon smudging jpegs.  Maybe if working with RAW files some additional results can be compared.  The Sony looks sharper too, not sure if it's because of the smudging on the Canon though.  Possibly also re-sizing the images to the same size the Sony would render more detail, 20MP vs 12.8MP, and make the noise appear less than the Canon?...  Either way the Sony is definitely resolving more detail and has a cleaner/less smudged image.  I have an S110 and the G1Xii looks similar as far as the "canon" rendering.

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