Sunrise with the 10-24 and 60

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Re: Any reason for stripping the EXIF ?

nick_webster wrote:

Just curious.

Looks a lot like the countryside near me on the East coast of England - gentle rolling hills and still bare trees. Where were these taken ?

Little over the top for me, but then I guess you weren't trying to please me

I didn't actually strip the EXIF - it's there on Flickr, but when you link to anything other than a full size image on Flickr, the EXIF doesn't carry through to the DPR links. If you only upload smaller images to Flickr, then the EXIF will come through, but you have to link to the largest size on Flickr for it to come through for some reason.

These were taken in Southeastern Pennsylvania in the US, about 30-40 minutes outside of Philadelphia.

My processing is a little over the top for a lot of people, and a LOT over the top for plenty of others. But some seem to like it and I seem to because I always seem to end up there to one degree or another... 

We judge photographers by the photographs we see. We judge cameras by the photographs we miss - Haim Zamir

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