Zeiss 16-70 and Canon 18-55 STM reviewed on EPZ

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abortabort wrote:

Well believe it or not, but Sony do make a decent 'kit' lens:


The new II is supposed to be better as well, not that I have seen many sites test it

I'd agree Sony's alpha lineup oflenses does seem to offer better value for money although the enforced switch to SLT didn't IMHO help them there and again for me showed a lack of reguard.

I think that there were very different priorities ti fit the price point of a kit lens between the Sony PZ 16-50mm and Canon 18-55mm STM.

The cost of adding power zoom, a 24mm wide end (no crop DSLR 'kit' has one) or making it a 'pancake' style and a more premium finish were higher priorities than outright image quality, becaudr I suspect these are features that entry buyers using the kit lens on a mirrorless will value over IQ. If you are pixel peeping kit lenses there is something a bit wrong to be honest and I doubt anyone woukd base their purchasing choice on that factor alone. People buy mirrorless because they want smaller, those people don't want STM sized kit lenses on their petite NEX and even the advice they will get from their 'photography experts' will say "a kit lens is a kit lens, its a starter lens".

The non pancake zoom wasn't exactly known as a great performer relative to the Canon 18-55mm though was it?

People buy mirrorless because they want small size AND high quality, whats more because size is such an issue I think the kit lens becomes even more important as for many its the largest zoom they'll be comfortable with.

As for Canon's dominence due to 'high grade kit lenses', seems very doubtful, that Sony 18-55mm has been around for years and until very recently stomped the Canon 18-55mm into the dirt... I dont think it has propelled Canon into the stratosphere somehow

The 50mm f1.8 arguement, well here I can buy a Canon 50mm f1.8 that is entirely plastic, noisy, soft and no OSS for about $120. For $199 I can buy the Sony 50mm f1.8 OSS with metal mount, metal covering, better IQ and OSS. Canon's lens dates back to the 80's and they keep churning out the same lens, which hasn't cost them a cent in development since the 80's... Sony's lens on the other hand is much more recent... and from memory (I could be wrong here) comes with a hood.

Now take the same D700 or NEX buyer and lets add a 35mm f2 with IS... oh yeah, that lens cost some $800+ when it launched and is slower and much much bigger than the Sony. It is a nice lens sure, but it is modern and as such they have to charge more to recoup the development and tooling and then the price starts to come down, but still a lot of coin for a 50mm equiv.

The Sony 18-55mm on Alpha mount has been around for awhile you had other issues there such as the shift to SLT.

If were talking about the NEX/E-Mount then relative to EF or EF-M your talking about optically inferior kit lenses. Not sure where your getting than $199 figure for the Sony 50mm as looking at the big use outlets they all have it priced at $299 which is more than double the cost of the Canon.

I'm not saying Sony don't have some excellent performers in their lens lineup for the E-mount, the problem is your needing to pay a premium to get them. The cheaper Canon DSLR alterantives are I'd agree not as well built(the EF-M lenses seem similar to Sony's) but for the majority of the market they perform well enough and allow you to build up a basic system beyond the kit lens without spending $500+.

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