Sunrise with the 10-24 and 60

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Re: Sunrise with the 10-24 and 60

cyip0 wrote:

Nice pictures!

I just placed an order for Rokinon 12mm. Any specific reason why you went with 10-24 instead of Rokinon 12mm? I was considering 10-24 before but it is just out of my budget for now.


I just wanted the width and versatility. I had orders in for the 56mm ($999) and Rokinon 12 ($399). But being much more of a wide angle shooter than portrait shooter, I decided I'd be better served by the 10-24 ($999) and 60 ($399 - I got it just before the sale ended). The Rokinon looks really nice and is a great deal, but the difference between 12mm and 10mm is pretty significant and I'll use the extra width - already have... Whereas the extra speed of the 56 over the 60 (both aperture and AF speed) is something that wouldn't matter much to me...

The 10-24 is pretty big though - that's it's one downside. But it's not too bad...

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