Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: Disapointed in my Df.

Canadianguy wrote:

Rservello wrote:


I didn't ever say anyone uses it for sports. Onl that claiming pros rely on af is ridiculous. My original statement was that sports photography existed before af.

I think the point that people are trying to make is that manual focus is a backup to AF in today's cameras. Not a primary method of acquiring focus for sports photography.

This is the reason that Nikon lost the pro market in the 90s - they believed that the "real pros" would never rely totally on AF - so what if their AF was slower than Canon's system - the "real pros" used manual focus - right? History tells us Nikon was wrong and Canon became the market leader.

Just like ocean navigation existed before GPS, people only use a Sextant if their GPS isn't working properly or as a backup method if they have lost all power.

Regarding the OP - I am surprised that he is disappointed that the DF AF doesn't work as well as the D800 - the D800 AF is rated for lower light than the DF - hence it shouldn't be a surprise that the D800 can acquire focus better than the DF in low light situations.

Regarding the OP, I would bet the issue was with the Tamron/DF combo.

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