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SaltLakeGuy wrote:

the upper portion of the mountain at the granite top has just about exactly the same detail rendered by PN. However it's the trees and shrubs on the mountainside that are mush from LR more than anything else. I didn't want to believe the whole "mush" thing but now I have no choice. I've processed from the SAME file and this is what I got. I've used LR for years so I'm by no means a novice at it. used Photoshop since 2000. I still like Adobe's stuff for some things, but with the X-Trans so far I don't feel you can beat PhotoNinja. I don't have a MAC so Iridient isn't an option. As for Capture One I would only want their top version and for $300 no thanks. So I'll stick with PN.

Capture One Pro is occasionally on sale.  Too bad it's so pricey, I think most users would love it.  It's only second to LR for the multitude of local editing tools for RAW.  X-Trans conversion is much better than Adobe, and one can work with up to 10 non-destructive layers with self-filling masks and local adjustments before conversion.  Here's a list of editing features.  I've found them to work very well one-stop conversion image editing tool (like LR)


Iridient is still the best for max fine detail in X-Trans, but it has few editing tools and will occasionally render high-contrast small detail moire.  So when this happens I like Photo Ninja.  Almost as much detail but less sophisticated sharpening (USM).  PN also has the fantastic defringing tool for fixing any problems with fine detail against blown-out skies.

Capture One Pro just released an update and I'm leaning more and more towards using it as my default converter/image editor.


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