Should i keep my 3 primes or my new zoom lens (all olympus)

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Re: Should i keep my 3 primes or my new zoom lens (all olympus)

I thought I'd throw my two pennies' worth in.

I've had the EM-1 with the 12-40 lens for about five months. I have loved the camera from the word go, and have been in awe of the lens. But something wasn't quite working for me. As someone who has only recently upgraded from the world of pocketable point & shoot photography, the bulk and weight of the combination that I had just felt too much.

After umming and ahhing about various different options, I hit upon the perfect solution for me. I bought the new, tiny, 14-42 EZ lens. Since buying it, it has barely been off the camera, and my camera now goes EVERYWHERE with me, whereas before this, I left it at home a lot, not only because it felt (to me) bulky and heavy, but in social situations, it felt a bit intrusive.

I know that the quality isn't as good, but to be honest, for someone in my position, and doing the kind of shooting i do (mainly outside in decent light) I can't tell the difference 95% of the time. For any situations that demand a little more, I can easily put the 12-40 back on - although to be honest, I am starting to think I might end up selling it and buying a couple of primes instead. I have realised that the value of keeping the system small and light means more - to me - than having the BEST lens on my camera.

My point and sharing this is that the decision is a very individual one and even though the 12-40 lens is undoubtedly an amazing lens, that doesn't mean it suits everyone, or is necessarily going to be everyone's first choice. It all comes down to what your priorities are and what makes the whole thing more enjoyable for you.

Good luck with your decision. Either way, you've got a brilliant camera and some great lenses there!

Oh, and Will - that article was fab. I really liked point #6!

Best wishes


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