OK So Lightroom is NOT quite there yet

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Re: OK So Lightroom is NOT quite there yet

SaltLakeGuy wrote:

I decided to take some shots again tonight near sunset to evaluate what has been referred to as the "smearing" that Lightroom tends to do. I wasn't real convinced but had not taken the same RAW file from my X-T1 yet and rendered it in both the new Lightroom 5.4 against the PhotoNinja's latest for the Fuji X-Trans sensor. Now let me just list a disclaimer. I processed both individually as best as I felt was reasonable. The crops are not perfect but still provide plenty of common area in which you can easily see trees rendered as mush vs. considerably better detail from PhotoNinja's output. Not only in the evergreens but astoundingly in the lower portions of the mountain where it is rendered by Lightroom as just solid mush where there is a ton of fine detail rendered by PhotoNinja. So I guess I'll stick with PN for most of my processing at this time. It's sas as the workflow is much more comprehensive and fast with LR but I'm far more interested in the final results. For those several folks that seem to love to just jump all over my listings please refrain. Just take this for what it is. Yet another fast attempt to look at some results from 2 different methods of rendering for a Fuji Raw file. It is by NO means highly scientific. Just another of the many attempts. I do think it does render some interesting results however. You will of course NEED to look at the larger image to see what I'm talking about.

First the Lightroom results

And now the PhotoNinja results

glad i've got the x100

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