Shooting cities at night.

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Re: Shooting cities at night.

wlock wrote:

Don't forget to use plenty of negative exposure compensation.

Hi Daryl - can you shed some light as to why the need to use plenty of negative exposure compensation?



Consider set exposure metering to spot.

Then meter off highlights in your scene to avoid exposure meter overexposing for predominant dark background.

Lock exposure.

Shoot on manual preferred. Manual focus, shutter speed, and aperture, white balance, long exposure NR on, SS reduction on.

RAW. Jpeg, or both depending on intended output.

Using low ISO will avoid unnecessary noise. Slow shitter allows vehicle head or tail lights to look like streaks or creamy looking water. Use second curtain exposure.

Using tripod will allow for setting optimum aperture for your particular lens. Trip shutter with electronic cable release or camera self-timer to avoid shutter shock.

And shoot candids handheld using high ISO and fast lens. AF.

Take several shots in case of vibration spoil your picture.

Good shooting, and post your results here.

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