Photoninja 1.2.3b vs. Lighroom 5.4

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Re: Photoninja 1.2.3b vs. Lighroom 5.4

Clayton1985 wrote:

I didn't say it was that simple. I said that you would be miles ahead of the image you posted. My guess is that there are quite a few people on the forum here that would only need a couple of minutes with your original to show you several variations of your image that would be as good or perhaps better than the PN image. And I'm not saying that one program is better than the other... only that for those considering both programs, your attempt at a comparison might hurt more than it helps. If you just wanted to show the results of the automatic feature in PN then it might have been better to show only the PN images instead of presenting it as some sort of comparison to LR. But again, maybe I am misunderstanding your overall point here. It came across to me that you were saying that PN can recover highlights better than LR and maybe that is not your point at all.

Sure but it turns out I'm not miles ahead by what you suggested. Also, that wasn't my point at all. My point was to show the straight RAW conversion, without any tweaks. I think the images speak for themselves as to who is doing a (much) better job there, nowhere did I mention PN is better or worse in my original post.

As I already mentioned, I agree that a comparison might not be useful (and at no point misleading) for the pro that has spent a significant amount of training & time editing pics in Lightroom. But for me and I'm sure many others, I believe it shows that you can get a (much) better pic right out of the box, at least in terms of highlight recovery - which consenquently affects contrast and other attributes. That's all!

I appreciate your intention to help though and if you have any other suggestion as part of this discussion I would be happy to try it out. I would also be interested in examples (not guesses) where you have worked with these two latest versions and can demonstrate that LR can match or surpass PN's highlight recovery consistently across a good sample of pics.

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