X-E1 vs X-M1 for novice

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Re: X-E1 vs others for novice

Unfortunately, I have really no experience with focus. I would always use auto-multi on p&s and it is usually pretty quick. When i choose center and point at something with a line it's still quick, but if choose something bland, it has trouble. But I do not know how fast a Fuji or a DSLR is in comparison.

I don't really do sports, but there will be situations I will want to shoot moving subjects. Some type of performers/musicians both indoor/out; and shooting out of different types of moving water crafts. Maybe some bird/animal/bigfoot shots too but I doubt I'll be tracking fast movement. I didn't think i needed to worry about really fast focus, but I might be wrong.

The second major disadvantage imo is the display. It doesn't come out for convenience, is a bit on the weak side in terms of dpi/size, and it doesn't like to be touched.

3rd point is it lack of other useful tools like face detection and wifi. These would be used least and more of a convenience factor.

It's good to hear that the histogram 'issue' isn't a problem, and it makes sense now that the ISO 200 is the base.

It certainly seems like the noise levels of this camera are low. A lot of reviewers were impressed with the results of their tests. It appears to produce the closest results in high ISO compared to full frame camera. This, the build quality, and the classic controls are what really attracted me to it.

Now the really hard part, the color :P. How much more unobtrusive is the black? The silver XE is so sexy but will it stand out too much? Also read in a review that the black wore off a bit on the shutter and the corners, so another point for the silver

The reason i was considering other brand lens is price, nothing to do with the glass Fuji has available. The Fuji 60mm macro lens is around $6oo. I think in macro, manual focus is more useful anyway, so one might not need AF for a macro. Would it be worth getting a lens via adapter if its much cheaper.

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