Back Focus, Bad Technique Or What?

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Re: Back Focus, Bad Technique Or What?

Paul Gowder wrote:

I'm doing lots of reading to try and understand if it is me or another issue.

I saw this:

At default, this lets you take fuzzy action pictures.

At the default "Release" setting, the D800 and D800E will fire anytime you press the shutter in AF-C mode, regardless of if it's in focus. Nikon's cameras usually can't run at their advertised frame rates and stay in focus at the same time.

I have not changed that settings. That could be the issue. I'm seeing this with just the action shots on AF-C.

I'll try changing this tonight!

Also thanks to everyone for the info so far. Please keep sending in your suggestions and advice.

Paul, my typical D800 focus settings: AF-C, 9-point dynamic, a1 Release priorty, a3 Off, a4 AF-ON only (back button focus).

Of course, there are other reasonable combinations. But I think it's fair to say these are not uncommon among users of this forum and are worth a try.

There are others who advocate for Focus priority. Note however, that if a4 is set to AF-ON only, focus operates as release priority regardless of your a1 setting.

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