Trying to Find Raw Image Samples from E-M1 and 4/3 Lenses

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Re: Trying to Find Raw Image Samples from E-M1 and 4/3 Lenses

Bob657 wrote:

Just a question - doesn't the EM1 correct for lenses by itself (even in RAW), meaning there is no lens correction in post? I know this is the way m4/3 lenses work, you won't find lens profiles in any of the post software as far as I know.

FWIW, I shoot with that combination and use LR5.3 for post, everything works great.

Although I recall reading that somewhere, I'm not sure what the differences are.  I did download some raws that used m43 lenses and loaded them into DXO.  DXO does have profiles for the E-M1, way more than they ever had for 4/3.

In viewing the images side by side in DXO (original and corrected), there is a distinct difference that occurs when the profile is applied.  More visually observable than what I have experienced so far.  So I know it's applying some changes with good effect.  I do have to admit, the processed images are very, very nice.  Especially with the new noise reduction.

I've been using DXO for some time, usually processing the raw and using Photoshop for any images that might require processing that can't be done in DXO.  I normally use Photoshop on the tiff copy.  Don't process in LR, just use it as a catalog.

Since I already have LR5.3, I think your suggestion about trying that out is a good one.  I'll give that a shot.

As much as I like DXO, I certainly don't expect DXO to create profiles for 4/3 lenses on the E-M1 and my only option appears to be finding another workflow.

Thanks for the input.


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