Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: Disapointed in my Df.

According to Bill Frakes – a SI Photographer who has shot sports for decades.


He talks about manual and AF systems from the past and today. See time marker 4:45

Decades past only the top 30-40 shooters in the World could get a hit rate of 75-80% sharp images manually focusing.

Today – almost anyone can get 95-97% sharp images using AF if you pay attention with the flagship camera bodies.

Notice he isn’t talking about getting great compositions just getting an image in focus.

So to answer your question by expanding on Bill Frakes’ comments, the top 1% of the pros will most likely be using AF and manual focus because their hand eye coordination are so fast and good that they can beat the AF systems in certain situations (i.e. low light and anticipating the moment) but for the majority of the pros who don’t have the skills and experience, they would rely on their camera’s AF only.

In addition, just look back in history, in the early 90s after Canon dumped the FD mount and moved into the EOS mount, their AF system jumped way ahead of Nikon’s – sport shooters dumped Nikon and jumped into the Canon camp – that’s why you see so many white lenses in the stands today. It was only the D3 and its amazing sensor that got some of them to come back. In other words, it is was AF system that propelled Canon ahead of Nikon for the pros.

So you could argue that the pros who could manually focus better and faster than a camera’s AF stayed with Nikon, the ones who couldn't went with Canon

Rservello wrote:

"Anyone shooting fast-moving sports for a living relies on AF."

Question still stands. As posed.

Your assumption is what it is. I'm not a pro. And I'm guessing you aren't either. We have actual working professionals on this forum (who shot sports before af existed). I would like one of then to chime in and confirm your assertion.

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