Why do "shirt pocketables" with protruding lens when retracted lack a "front grip"?

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Why do "shirt pocketables" with protruding lens when retracted lack a "front grip"?

One of my gripes is lack of grip ... on small cameras that could have a small grip on the front, but don't.

To me, unless the lens fully retracts into the body so the front is completely level, the designers might as well have included a grip + larger battery.

For example, my S110 is quite a small camera that easily goes in a normal size shirt pocket. I'm mostly really happy with it, except for limited battery life and no front grip. It's definitely small enough to be an "always with me" camera, and the image quality is several steps above a smart-phone.

When powered off, there is still about 3/16" of the lens protruding (~5mm). If there was a grip that protruded the same 3/16" inch, it wouldn't make it less shirt-pocketable. Plus, the battery could be larger, which I think would be a definite plus.

With or without a grip, I don't think of the S110 as "jeans front pocketable". Close, but not really. The lack of a 3/16" grip doesn't change that.

Other than a minor increase in weight and minor increase in manufacturing complexity of a more irregular shape, there doesn’t seem to be a down-side to having a grip for most shirt-pocketable cameras. Obviously a larger battery would be more expensive and heavier than a smaller battery, but I think that is a tradeoff that many or most would accept, especially with advanced point-and-shoots rather than basic entry level point-and-shoots. YMMV.

My observation is that there are few shirt-pocketable cameras whose lens retracts fully into the body. I don't think most or even any of the ultra small Canon ELPH models have a fully retractable lens, but I could be mistaken on that.

I suppose there are cameras that have a fully retractable lens and are "jeans front pocketable", but I'm not aware of any. I'd appreciate a reply that lists one or more, by Canon or another manufacturer.

And really, the demise of the entry level, basic point-and-shoot is coming, as smart phones get better and better. One of the distinctives of surviving advanced point-and-shoots could be shirt-pocket'ability with usable grip and longer life due to larger battery.

My 2¢ ... et'tu?

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