Jobu Jnr or Jobu PRO2 Gimbal for 80-400mmG on D800 ?

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Re: Jobu Jnr or Jobu PRO2 Gimbal for 80-400mmG on D800 ?

Jane79 wrote:

Mariette G wrote:

I would never choose the PRO2 again. Especially not for the 80-400. I wouldn't even use a tripod with that lens to be honest but that is me since I also use my 200-400/4 VR without one. But I own a PRO2 and I regret it since I bought it. Way too heavy, too bulky etc. Only usefull when standig in the field for hours, waiting for an animal or next to a sportsfield or anything. Not for carrying it around... I hate it to be honest.

I like the Jobu Pro2, we use it on the GT5542LS for the 600mm f/4.0. I'm surprised you find it bulky and heavy, considering you're shooting the 200-400 f/4.0 hand-held!

Hahahaha but as I said I guess it makes a difference between walking around with all the stuff or waiting for something to happen. I can imagine that the tripod and head will be great in the last case, and I prefer that over standig with the vody and 200-400VR So I did use it when I was sitting on the beach waiting for seals to be born (brrrr I can still feel sand in my gear every now and then)

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