Just got a new S110, any advice?

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Heyseuss Hoolio
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Re: Just got a new S110, any advice?

LeeStG wrote:

I've always wanted this camera and now I have it. However it reminds me of a G16 I had briefly. Loved the feel of shooting with it, constantly wanted to play but found the user interface a bit annoying at times. I'm not sure why but the S110 is similar, to me at least. Give me a Canon DSLR and I can whip thru settings but on these, not as easy.

Assuming I'll just get used to it as I go, any other tips on how to get the best out of this great little camera? Got it for a pocket size walk around that almost literally takes up no room at all.

I did find some of the options kind of limiting in certain circumstances, compared to DSLRs at least.  There's a hack for this/these cameras, just search Canon CDHK.  Basically if you're familiar with DSLR's and the customization you have with them, the CDHK program will give you quite a bit!  I wish my other cameras had some of these options the CDHK hack provided.  The program is on your memory car, you can turn the camera on and run it with or without these options so it does not interfere with anything if you just want to use the original camera settings.

Some ways to get the best out of this camera, I'm assuming you're already familiar with DSLR's so obviously stay in A, S or M mode on the camera so you control the camera, not let the camera control you, and shoot RAW.  The sharpest aperture settings are about mid way, though it's not really that much sharper, it's pretty sharp throughout the range.  The image stabilization is really good.  It's not the greatest if you want to take a lot of shots quickly in series because the refresh time isn't the fastest, about 1-2 seconds between shots, you can make it a little faster if you set your jpeg setting to small and don't shoot RAW.  There's the 10fps, but it does it for 1 second only and then has to process them, and you can't do RAW in this setting nor can you choose anything.

The longest shutter speed limit is 15 seconds and also anything over 1 second the camera forces you to use ISO 80.  I'm not saying you shouldn't use low ISO values for long shutter speeds, but the 1 second limit for ISO 80 is pretty limiting.  The CDHK fixes that issue.  The original minimum shutter speed is 1/2000 sec.  Granted you have the built in ND filter, sometimes that's not enough.  The CDHK will allow you to use 1/100,000th second!  Seriously, I've tried it.  It's an electronic shutter.  You also have various time laps modes and such, histograms, zebras, video options (exp. comp while recording).  Seriously, just search it and you'll see so many options that are just really neat.

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