Laura in Pink Polkadot Dress (by Sharise Neil)

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Re: Laura in Pink Polkadot Dress (by Sharise Neil)

nandbytes wrote:

roby17269 wrote:

JamieTux wrote:

Nice fashion site Roberto They look fashion (and more specifically editorial).
By the way did you use Beltcraft studio? A couple of the walls look very familiar

Oh and the A7r is a great camera if you want more resolution I use it alongside my A99 and despite the initial giggles clients stop questioning it when they see the results on screen!

Hey there James,

Thanks! Yes editorial is my passion (note this is a hobby for me - I have a job that pays for the bills and the toys )

Well spotted, I have done 3 shoots at Beltcraft (third one still work in progress - initial stages out of LR5 into PS CC ) - I like the place but to be honest it is getting old for me. I've been there with a meetup group. Have you shot there as well? Are you based in London? (I am)

Which meetup group is this? is it any good? I went to one meetup and disliked it as no one would speak to the "non-pro sony shooter" (also I was using kit lens, but why does that matter). So I kind of gave up on meetup for photography. I am based in London too...

This is how I will treat you when we go to see the birds and if you come for a fire shoot LOL

I'm sure the A7r would deliver. I love my 1D X and my Canon glass but sometimes resolution is an issue. FYI, the other alternative I am considering is a used H4D with 50mp digital back. Now it's purely a question of price... I know I would be going against the flow: big and dumb rather than small and full of bells & whistles, but that's me

I've had a look to your galleries and I like what I saw

Question: where did you take the fire-breather shots? I am trying to set up a similar thing and I am having trouble finding venues...

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Actually yes, I wonder if you are doing another fire-breathing event James?

PMed you both...

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