Zeiss 16-70 and Canon 18-55 STM reviewed on EPZ

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Re: Zeiss 16-70 and Canon 18-55 STM reviewed on EPZ

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Indeed. Fortunately, my world doesn't revolve around having unwarranted temper tantrums to go on bashing a camera/brand when I have zero interest in them. This is why you may not have seen me post persobal bickering from insecurities in a Canon forum.

Realistically though you do spend a massive amount of time on these forums defending the Sony brand to any and all criticism, often very aggressive so insulting others as you've done here.

Personally I wouldn't say I have "no interest" in Sony cameras, I have considered buying an ASPC mirrorless more than a few times and something like the new a6000 is definitely tempting but for me the performance of the kit zoom and the price of alternatives have always turned me off.

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